Riverreed Black Magic


Whelped    6-4-2013
Hip score   1-2
Elbows      0-0   

Achievements: Huge congratulations to Sierra and Coralie.

We are so proud of Sierria the only Australian bred Brittany to ever be registered in the French stud book.

Sierra's journey began in Melbourne Australia with her human mom Coralie 

Shown to many best of breed awards and a very birdie gun dog. Sierra now lives in France and having been evaluated by a French judge has been added to the French stud book.

Sierra  loved, adored and trained for the field and shown to many best of breeds by Coralie. 



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 Guinness De Wyngold

(Imp USA)




 CH Riverreed Shez A Sensation CD. HTM.S



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